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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Part 2 - Management Skills: lessons learnt from a group of 18 year olds

Part 2

#3 - Management Skill Learnt: Listen to Your Team…..And Set the Stage for the End in Mind

I listened to the youth group by having each individual share their reasons for participating in the study trip, their objectives and what they hope to achieve. I made sure I remember each of their objectives vividly and made a verbal and public commitment to help them achieve their goals as best as I can. I was sending a message to them;

"I was telling them that I care about them enough to make a commitment to help them achieve their objectives."

Caring is a decision and I made the decision to care about these youths.

"My ex-bosses taught me not to stop at caring and listening to the people you manage and lead. You have to help them understand the end in mind"

what you as a leader want to achieve with the group. Every group wants to know the eventual outcome and the goals they are striving towards. A clear and consistent focal point is, really, half the battle won.

Hence, after listening to each individual I began to explain my objectives and what I want to achieve with and for the group. I explained the end I had in mind.

More importantly, I had set the stage for the end in mind.

#4 - Management Skill Learnt: Integrity as a Leader - People are Constantly Watching and Evaluating You Especially Your Team

"The people you manage and lead are constantly evaluating you and finding reasons to give or withhold their respect and trust."

I knew this fact and I’m sure most of you in managerial positions will agree with me. However, I was reminded again of this point in a most refreshing manner.

Being teenagers, this group of 18 year-olds are constantly observing the way I conduct myself and the degree to which I keep my commitments. In other words, they are evaluating my integrity as a person. In the most refreshing and telling manner, the youths told me one morning that they were disappointed with our local liaison (who is a Singaporean living in Hanoi) who did not seem to keep to his promises and commitments.

They saw how I had kept my integrity and did the things I said I will do, and this built enough trust for the youths to confide in me their views of our local liaison. This episode made me re-discover and re-learn the importance of integrity. Without integrity it is really an uphill task leading your people and doing business with others.

"Keeping to your commitments will help you earn respect and trust from your people."

Remember; people are constantly watching and evaluating you.

End of Part 2

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