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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Doing Business in China: Words of Wisdom


During my early years working in China, I made many mistakes and learnt from them. One of the working attitudes and habits I practiced was being extremely curious. I was hungry to gain experience and to learn, fast. So, it may surprise you that I remembered and took down some of the words of wisdom I collected from talking to industry leaders, businessmen and government officials.

I still keep to them and they have served me well when I conduct business in China and when I serve clients in their consulting projects.

Words of Wisdom
Here are some of them:

(1) It matters not who you know; who knows you is that which matters.

(2) Always seek to give help to others before they request it; favours are owed to you, collect them when the occasion arises.

(3) Never embarrass your prospective client or your partner. When possible, make them feel and look extremely good. Chinese people enjoy that very much.

(4) I have 3 pieces of advice for you; connections, connections and connections.

(5) When you meet with a business problem, don’t waste time resolving it the right way. Go straight to the person who can resolve the problem, make a connection and have cash on hand.

(6) Monetary benefit is the greatest motivation in China. Remember this.

(7) You must present yourself as a successful businessman. Do not sound or look desperate for business. Chinese people do not like to associate with desperate persons.

(8) Guard your value-add, where possible increase it. Chinese people are capable of duplicating your value-add.

(9) To safeguard your interests, get the other person or organization to be in the same boat as you. Sharing the same stake is good protection of your investments.

(10)China is made up of several different markets. Not all of them are addressable to you.

(11)Display integrity and commitment. Chinese people appreciate it and they will keep doing business with you.

(12)You are not the only entrepreneur in China. There are thousands of others like you. What sets you apart is the amount of time you spend in building connections, you are professional and committed.

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